Route/ Sector - Business and Administration


Apprenticeship Title - Operations / Departmental Manager

This apprenticeship is suitable for candidates who  manage teams and projects in line with a private, public or voluntary organisation's operational or departmental strategy.

This apprenticeship is aimed at individuals whose key responsibilities may include creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, leading and managing teams and change, financial and resource management, coaching and mentoring. Focus is on developing knowledge and skills across key areas: Organisational performance, Interpersonal excellence and Personal effectiveness. 
We tailor delivery by using blended learning methods to meet and develop a variety of learning styles and increase value with embedded additional courses.
Our flexible, partnership approach ensures that delivery is suitable for the needs of your organisation, and your candidates are working towards clear expectations to ensure readiness for end point assessment.

Where can this course be taken?

Simply contact Create Care Training

Level 5

Typical Duration : 30 months

Reference : ST0385