Route/ Sector - Business, Administration and Law


Apprenticeship Title - Business Administration

Learners under-taking the Business Administration Pathway of this framework may work for a diverse range of organisations but their key role will be to provide administrative support within their organisation.

This apprenticeship provides employers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors with a business and administration workforce who have the skills,
knowledge and competencies to support business systems, processes and services and who can contribute to making businesses more efficient and productive.
We tailor delivery using blended learning methods, which meet and develop a variety of learning styles and increase value with embedded additional courses.
Our flexible, partnership approach ensures delivery is suitable for organisational needs, and your candidates are working towards clear expectations to ensure readiness for end point assessment.

Where can this course be taken?

Please contact Create Care Training

Level 2

Typical Duration : 12  months

Reference : 490