Create Care Training Offic
Our Values


The 6C’s are the values which underpin the care sector and we believe these are transferable, as well as being fundamental to building strong relationships on which to grow our business.


Our staff embed these values throughout their everyday practice to excel as role models for our customers, leading by example.


1. Care

2. Compassion

3. Competence

4. Communication

5. Courage

6. Commitment

Our Story


Create Care Training Limited was established by two of the directors Rachel Brown and Catherine Whitelow in October 2014. 

The two founders have life long involvement with the care sector from personal and professional experience, followed by over 20 years joint experience in further education. Being passionate about care, the duo wanted to have a positive impact on outcomes in care, for organisations and people with careers in the sector, but most importantly to drive up the quality of provision for people who use health & social care services.

​Working in adult education made Catherine & Rachel aware that training packages and delivery models available were not always suited to the shift patterns and structure of the care sector. This underpinned their vision to build a 'one-stop-shop' training service which is flexible to accommodate the needs of our customers.